Working with Nature

Herefordshire Treehouses

Planning permission has been obtained for the construction of two timber framed treehouses to provide luxury holiday accommodation on the site of an equestrian business. Each timber clad treehouse cabin will be entered from a timber deck built around a beautiful, mature oak tree. The clients have self built the first tree house in partnership with a carpenter who lived on site for the build.

Tree House A completed 2021.

Straw Bale Workshop with Green Roof

A research and self build project, the curved straw bale wall sits beneath a semi intensive green roof. The roof attracts pollinators and slows/reduces rainwater run off, whilst the straw bales have extremely low embodied energy. Lime render forms the inner and outer lining of the bales, to create a cost effective, sustainable wall which is delightful to look at.

Bale wall completed 2014 - Green roof completed 2019